Friday, October 1, 2010

Prickly Fruit Salad

There's been a massive heat wave this past week here in Culver City, and in response I decided to avoid using the oven at all costs. This was pretty easy to do, (thanks, microwave!), but it still didn't keep the heat down in the apartment. So, I cooled down the only way I knew how. I ate lots and lots of fruit from the refrigerator. Mmmmm cold fruit, so juicy and wet and refreshing. I threw together this fruit salad with some prickly pears I found at Albertson's. I'd never used prickly pears to make anything before, but I had them juiced in mixed drinks and it always tasted pretty good. So, I ventured to make a tasty fruit salad with them! They're called prickly pears because they're shaped like pears but grow on cactuses, and have tiny brown circles on the outside of them that have small furry, prickly bristles that will come off onto your skin, so take caution when preparing them. I read online that they are usually juiced, but could also be eaten plain after you peel them, as long as you don't mind the seeds which are apparently edible. Well, I juiced one  of the prickly pears to pour over the salad and cut up the other one to put in the salad, and I can honestly say that I wish I would've juiced both of them. It's not that the flesh of the fruit didn't taste good, it has a great honeydew melon type flavor, but there were SO many seeds and they were fairly large and really hard, not something that I would just swallow massive amounts of. So, if you don't have any problem with seeds, then feel free to cut one up and put it in the salad, but if you have a tough time eating a large amount of seeds, then juice both of them and pour the syrupy juice over the salad. Enjoy!


1 Banana, cut into slices
2 Pluots
2 Prickly Pears
1 Tangerine, peeled and separated by slice

Cut the pluots in half, remove and discard their pits, and cut each of the pluots into sixths. Place the banana, pluots and tangerine slices into a medium sized bowl, stir so that thefruits are evenly distributed, and set aside. Cut a vertical line down the side of one of the prickly pears, then cut the top and bottom off. Now, place your finger underneath the vertical line and grab ahold of the pear's skin. Peel the skin off and discard it. Repeat this process with the other prickly pear. Now, you can either slice one of the prickly pears and put it in the salad, if you don't mind lots of hard seeds, or you can slice up both of the prickly pears and push the slices through a sieve held over the bowl of fruit so that all of the juices from the prickly pears fall over the fruit. Garnish with one remaining slice of prickly pear and serve cold.


  1. I've never had prickly pear like this before. I actually just saw them selling this at my local grocery store, which is pretty unusual! I wondered how people used them. That is a lot of seeds in there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me! I appreciate it! I like your blog as well. :)

  2. Thanks Marisa :) Prickly pear really is tasty, kind of a combination of honey dew watermelon and bubble gum, but it certainly takes a good amount of preparation to make it edible. The juice tasted really good on the bananas most of all for some reason, definitely worth the effort!

  3. My son was just asking about prickly pear. I've never had it before but this post makes me want to try it.

  4. Thanks Pam! I hope you like it, and be careful not to get prickled :o)

  5. Hi Eva...thanks for popping in to say hi on my blog. I hope you do try the hammy sammy's. Your blog looks like a fun one to explore. I shall be back!

  6. Oh, a beautiful salad with prickly pear!
    as a child, my mother always had us drink mil along with eating prickly pears, believing that we'll get "tummy problems" from eating too much...

  7. hey eva, thanks for dropping by.....nice salad...i loved the pumpkin cake...different one....


  8. I am so glad you posted this! I was in Arizona (a few months ago) and grew up in Texas, always wondering what the heck to do with these when I see them.

    We had lemonade made with it, and I bet it would make an interested sorbet or gelato to cool you off as well!

  9. Oooooh, prickly pear sorbet sounds like an excellent idea! I think I'll give that a try once the next heat wave comes around, which shouldn't be too far off here in Southern California.

  10. Eva,
    Not only have I not seen a prickly pear, I have not hear of one till I found your blog. Maybe there are some in some supermarkets out there so now that I know they exist I will be more observant. When I find them, I will definitely make this salad recipe of yours. They look so delicious and refreshing!

  11. I love prickly pears, Eva! Really happy with this post. We have loads of prickly pears every summer in Egypt and they're sold on street carts. The man selling them peels them for you and places them in a flimsy fridge bag for you to carry home. I love them straight out of the fridge on a hot day after a long and lazy nap. Since I've never used them in anything before, I'm really excited to try out your idea this summer and to experiment with some of my own. Thanks for inspiring me to work with everyday fruit we've got lying around Cairo. :)

    1. That's wonderful! I would love to have someone peel them for me, as they really can be quite itchy haha. Hope you like the recipe :)